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Innomax offers a variety of profiles to protect and finish external corners and edges in ceramic wall coverings, designing them specifically to suit multiple design and interior decoration requirements. These products are a striking combination of form and matter: the external profiles made of high quality aluminium and are also available in square, L, triangle and round shapes, in different heights to suit any technical or decorative requirements. Innomax also supplies external corner profiles that can be fixed to existing surfaces or wall coverings, and some are self-adhesive to assure quick and easy installation. Innomax also produces a dedicated range of external corner profiles for work tops and tiled kitchens.

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Model T1100 series is a range of aluminium external corner profiles with height from 7mm to 16mm, designed to seal and protect corners and edges in tiled or marble coverings. The square shape delineates the covering, avoiding an unsightly and impractical corner edge between one tile and another: moreover, Model T1100 can be used as an edging profile for stairs, work tops and platforms.


Model T1200 is the range of profiles designed to seal and protect the external corners and edges of tiled coverings. These profiles are recommended to prevent the unsightly 45-degree angle formed when two tiles meet.  The square shape and essential style characterizing corner trim make the profiles the ideal solution to clearly delineate ceramic tiled floors like rectified porcelain stoneware.


Model T1300 is a profile designed to seal and protect the external corners and edges of tiled floors, steps and platforms, The model is made of high quality anodized aluminum. The characteristic rounded shape makes the profiles ideal as a symmetrical finish, but also as a safety feature around the corner and edge of the wall covering. Thanks to the large variety of finishes and materials, these items adapt perfectly to every style of interior.


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