About Us


Company Profile

Innomax is an innovative company which has been engaging in the production of aluminum extrusion products for more than 10 years, especially in aluminum LED light profiles, aluminum decorative edge trims like tile trims, carpet trims, skirting boards, edge trims for clapboard etc, Mirror frames, and picture frames. Innomax solutions are widely used in residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, shops, health and beauty spas etc.



Production and Technology

Our production factory locates in Foshan city in the Canton - Hong Kong - Macau great bay area, where is one of the most dynamic region of China 's economy and the most important aluminum extrusion production center in China. The opportunities linked to this important industrial center have always characterized our company, enable us to maintain the entire production cycle locally.

With over more than 50,000 sq.m manufacturing facilities ( covered), our production factory integrated with all the processes for producing technical profiles including extrusion, anodizing, powder coating, and CNC machining etc. The management of the entire production cycle and continuous investment in the cutting-edge systems and technology have enable us to quickly schedule production but with a degree of flexibility and also to maintain direct control over each stage, thereby assuring compliance with the stringent quality standards for customers’ satisfaction.



Quality and Innovation

With over 10 years experience focusing on producing tiny aluminum profiles and surface treatment, our company has established itself in the market for the constant attention paid to maintaining a high quality standard of our own products.

Innomax is known for its service, innovation and design, but also constant attention to details: from the choice of superior raw material - exclusively primary alloys - to the care taken in suface treatment, constant control to identify potential defects to the final, and individual packaging of each product.


Our Value

Our company has distinguished itself in many years for supplying value-added innovation products to our customers and the creation of customized solutions for our customers.

Responsibility, loyalty and transparency are some of the values that we hold at Innomax and which assure that our exchanges with our customers, suppliers, collaborators and institutions are conducted with the utmost propriety. Listening is the first step towards innovation and improvement. A lot of attention is also paid to the products, the design and details of which are a major focus.Sustainability plays a key role in our thinking, as seen in the choices we make which are eco-friendly , as does safety in the workplace.

Our quality products win the high praise from the customers from Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherland and UK etc.