Floor Trims

Innomax produces a multitude of products for the construction sector, both residential and contract, all of which are designed to meet any technical or aesthetic requirement, while never losing sight of the attention to detail and design. The wide range of Innomax products stands out for the unique features of each product line, the quality of the materials, and the selection of colors and finishes which are the result of a constant drive to remain in tune with new trends in interior design.

The Innomax Luxury Flooring Trim System offers a premium solution for the neat finishing of junctions between flooring materials.

The Floor trim profiles are available in nine opulent metal finishes for use in prestigious applications where luxury floor finishes are installed, from hotels to top-end residential developments.

The Innomax tile trim, tile edging and tile border profiles protect the exposed tile edge at corners and provide an attractive, neat finish. Suitable for 6mm to 12.5mm thickness tiles.

The Innomax carpet trim provide a clean and nice finish look to the carpet edges and give a clean look to floor transition.

Wood floor edge trim offer complete solution for finishing of junctions between wood or laminated floor material and tile or carpets.

The Floor profiles are available in either a ramp or a twin top configuration with a choice of bases and heights to suit a wide range of floor coverings.

All the flooring trims are made of high quality anodized aluminum in different colors like silver, gold, brass, champagne, black etc, as well as different finishes like brushed, shot blasting or bright shine.
Innomax flooring trims also offer a wide ranges of powder coating colors ( RAL color code) and wood grain finished for custmer’s choices to match the aesthetic atmosphere.