Skirting Boards

An extensive range of Aluminum skirting boards provide an alternative to traditional wood and ceramic profiles. Designed to provide functional solutions while maintaining aesthetic appeal, the Innomax metal skirting boards are durable and resistant to wet areas like bathrooms and kitchens.

It takes up less space and offers ease of installation. It provides leak proofing as well as aesthetics by covering the wall-floor joint defects especially on wet areas. It can be used in oval wall applications as it is suitable for bending. It is extremely durable and long-lasting since it is produced from high quality raw material and has thick walls.

In addition, the aluminium range of skirtings provides the additional benefit of hiding low voltage cabling such as telephone, TV and computer wires.

Aluminium are popular materials in the interior design world: elegance, resistance and light are among the key characteristics of these materials. Metal Line is a range of metal skirting boards made by Innomax which stand out for their versatility, functionality and nod to contemporary design.

These products are innovative and suitable for a variety of functions: in addition to protecting surfaces and walls, they come in an array of finishes, with something to meet all requirements, from small rooms to large collective spaces. A spectrum of profiles can therefore be created to fit perfectly with any style or space, enhancing the aesthetic and architectural contents. Choosing Metal skirting boards, a product of Innomax ’s careful research into materials and forms, means prioritising the details that can make a difference.

Innomax aluminium skirting board has matte anodized, bright anodized, satin chemical bright anodized and electrostatic powder painting options. While silver, brass, golden, bronze and black anodized color coatings are available, it can also be painted to the desired RAL code with electrostatic powder painting.

Available Anodizing colors are as below1
Available Anodizing colors are as below2

Available Anodizing colors are as below

Available Anodizing colors are as below