Mirror Frame Profiles

Innomax aluminum mirror frame extrusions are extruded from high quality A6063 or A6463 aluminum alloy. It is a great product line for both DIY or on site assembly.

As one of the leading aluminum extrusion provider worldwide, Innomax offers excellent quality aluminum mirror frame extrusion for fittings in office, home furniture, architecture, and many other applications.

Here in Innomax everything you need for aluminum mirror frame extrusion will be satisfied. You can access our aluminum mirror frame extrusion in different shapes, colors, finish, and surface treatment.

The common shape for Innomax aluminum mirror frame extrusion is L-shaped, H-shaped, J-shaped, and F-shaped. These kinds of aluminum mirror frame extrusions bring countless features and advantages for your different projects.

All the mirror frames are made of high quality anodized aluminum in different colors like silver, gold, brass, bronze, champagne and black etc, as well as different finishes like brushed, shot blasting or bright polished.

Customized bending in round or oval shape are available on demanded.
Full set of accessories for assembly are available.

Innomax Aluminum mirror Frames1
Innomax Aluminum mirror Frames2