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The profiles for floors of different heights have a sloping edge and can be used to join floors of different thicknesses. The wide range of products that Innomax provides means customers can always find the right solution for a specific application space.

In addition to fulfilling a specific functional requirement as a joint, these profiles bring an important aesthetic touch and can be used to decorate and finish interiors with elegance and originality.

Depending on the composition, they can withstand heavy stress, resist shock or simply provide a smoother passage by removing steps and differences in height. The different combinations of shape and material mean there are profiles for any type of floor, from wood to carpet. There are also a variety of application methods, ranging from adhesive bonding to screws, also on existing floors.

Model T5100 series is the ideal solution for joining existing floors of low thickness. The anodized aluminum profiles quickly eliminate any unsightly height differences, from 4mm to 6mm, and also come in blister packs (with adhesive or screws); these characteristics assure they are easy to apply and also ideal for DIY use.

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Model T5200 series is the range of T-shape profiles specifically for uncoupling, protecting and decorating level floors in different kinds of material, like tiles, marble, granite or wood. This range of profiles for floors specially in different heights can also be used to hide any imperfections due to the cutting or laying of different materials. The particular cross-section makes this model ideal to offset any slight slopes caused by the coupling of different kinds of floors. The T-shaped cross-section also creates a perfect anchor with sealants and adhesives


The Model 5300 Series has a sloping edge and comes in several different heights, making it perfect to join floors of the same or different materials, at different heights (from 5mm to 15mm).  Model 5300 profiles, in silver anodised aluminium, are also ideal as a reducer between a floating LVT floor and another type of flooring.


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