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Innomax offers multiple solutions for customers wishing to eliminate right angles between floor and wall.  Internal corner profiles by Innomax were specifically designed for this purpose and can be used on both new and existing floors – they are ideal for all spaces, both public and private, in which hygiene is a priority. For example hospitals, food plants, beauty spas, swimming pools and commercial kitchens. Internal corner profiles by Innomax are made of durable materials that are easy to clean, like aluminium. Furthermore, their design meets European health and hygiene regulations which require all 90-degree angles in which dirt and bacteria can build up to be eliminated. Internal corner profiles by Innomax are therefore an ideal solution for all spaces in which high hygienic standards must be maintained.

Model T3100 is a range of external corner profiles in aluminium, designed to an edge between a covering and floor, or as a perimeter joint. The distinctive cross section of this range facilitates expansion at the corner joint between the two surfaces.  The profiles are easy to fit and mean silicone is no longer needed as a sealant, which is a benefit in both aesthetic and hygienic terms: the absence of a layer of silicone stops dirt and bacteria from building up.

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Model T3200 and T3300 are aluminium profiles which acts as a joint between floor and wall covering. The technical description is “hygienic corner profile” on account of the characteristic convex shape, and it was designed in line with the new EU health and hygiene guidelines.  The design removes the 90° angle to prevent dirt - a source of bacteria - from building up, creating a curved surface that makes daily cleaning easier and more efficient.


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