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Aluminum Skirting boards Slim series is a series anodised aluminium skirting board that comes with different finishes, creating the perfect joint between floor and wall. The foot at the bottom of the skirting board that sits on the floor is perfect for hiding expansion gaps  along the edge of a floating floor. Skirting board Slim series have special metal or polypropylene accessories to create perfect internal corners, external corners, joints and end caps. This skirting board comes in a self-adhesive version or they can be glued.

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Aluminum skirting boards Slim Collection is a quality product designed to create a sleek and modern finish to any room. Made of anodized aluminum, this skirting board has a slim profile and is available in a variety of finishes to suit any decor. It provides a perfect joint between floors and walls, making it an ideal addition to any renovation or construction project.

The slim profile of the skirting boards is specially designed to hide expansion gaps at the edges of floating floors. This feature ensures there are no unsightly gaps between walls and floors for a seamless, professional finish. Plus, the feet at the bottom of the skirting boards are flush with the floor, creating a clean, uncluttered aesthetic.

The slim profile of the aluminum skirting board Slim range means it is flexible enough to be used in a variety of spaces where space is limited. This makes it ideal for use in hallways, hallways, and other tight spaces that might not fit a more robust profile. It comes with special metal or polypropylene fittings for perfect inside and outside corners, as well as joints and end caps to ensure a seamless finish every time.

This skirting board is available in self-adhesive and glued versions for flexible installation. The self-adhesive version is perfect for those who want to install skirting boards quickly and easily without the need for any specialized tools or techniques. Glued-on versions are great for those wanting a more permanent installation or working on uneven surfaces.

All in all, the Aluminum Slim Boards Slim Collection is an excellent product that will provide a sleek, modern finish to any room. With its slim profile, variety of finishes and flexible installation options, it is ideal for any renovation or construction project. It provides the perfect seam between the floor and the wall, hiding expansion gaps while creating a professional and polished look that will last for years.

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