Aluminum Mirror Frame Profiles for Art home hotel decor wall mirror MF1108

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1. Light weight aluminum mirror frame extrusion profiles, a great products for DIY or on site assembly.

2. Available in many different colors like silver, gold, brass, bronze, champagne and black etc, as well as different finishes like brushed, shot blasting or bright polished.

3. Classic box section frame profile design, ideal for large size full length wall mirrors for home or hotel decoration.

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1. Made of high quality anodized A6063 or A6463 aluminum alloy. A great products for DIY or no site assembly.

2. With a wide array of colors such as silver, gold, brass, bronze, champagne, and black, along with different finishes like brushed, shot blasting, or bright polished, you have endless options to suit your preferences.

3. Stock color: Bright silver, Champagne, Brush light gold

4. We also offer customized color options, ensuring your profiles are tailored to your specific requirements and preferences.

5. Our classic box section profiles are specifically designed for large full-length mirrors, such as dressing mirrors, wall mirrors, and wardrobe mirrors. Their sturdy construction and timeless design make them the ideal choice.

6. These profiles are suitable for mirror glass with a thickness of 4mm, ensuring a seamless and secure fit.

7. Weight: 0.120kg/m

8. Stock length: 3m, and customzied length available.

9. To maintain a consistent and seamless look, plastic corner pieces in the same color as the profiles are available.

10. Package: individual plastic bag or shrink wrap, 24 pcs in a carton

Model: MF1108

Aluminum Classic Mirror Frame

Weight: 0.171 kg/m

Color: Wood Grain - Oak

Wood Grain - Cherry

Wood Grain - Teak

Customzied Color

Length: 3m or customized length

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Q: Is customized color available?

A: Customized color available.

Q: What is the mostly application for those mirror franme profiles?

A: A box section design is an excellent choice for accommodating full-length mirrors such as dressing mirrors, wall mirrors, and wardrobe mirrors. This design offers a sturdy and durable frame that can securely hold the weight of the mirror while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. The box section design not only enhances the overall look of the mirror but also provides the necessary support to ensure the mirror remains stable and safe. Whether it is for dressing rooms, bedrooms, or walk-in wardrobes, the box section design complements the elegance and functionality of these mirrors, creating a stylish and practical addition to any space.

Q: What is the glass thickness for the mirror frame profiles?

A: An ideal option for mirror glass with a thickness of 4mm would be a slim profile frame. This design offers a sleek and minimalist look that complements the thinness of the glass, creating a modern and stylish appearance. The slim profile frame provides a subtle border around the mirror, accentuating its reflective surface without overwhelming it. Additionally, this design ensures that the focus remains on the mirror itself, allowing it to be the centerpiece of any room. The slim profile frame is a versatile choice, suitable for various applications such as bathroom mirrors, vanity mirrors, and decorative wall mirrors.

Q: What is the weight of the mirror frame profiles?

A: Weight: 0.190kg/m

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