Aluminum concealed wardrobe door handles

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Model DH1201 and DH1202 are minimalist wardrobe door handles (or concealed wardrobe door handles), it cover the open edge of the door leaf and is installed to the groove at the edge of the door leaf. They are perfect for the wardrobe at any size, especially for the tall wardrobes from the floor to the ceiling.

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The gap for the single door should be 2mm minimum for installation, and the gap for the double doors should be 3.5mm minimum for installation.

Material: High quality anodized aluminum

Color: Black, Gold, Grey, Brass or customized color

Applicable Door Thickness: 20mm

Full Length: 200mm / 300mm / 400mm / 500mm / 600mm / 800mm / 1000mm / 1360mm / 1800mm      2100mm ./ 2500mm / 2800mm

Visible Handle Length : 136mm / 136mm / 250mm / 250mm / 250mm / 250mm / 250mm / 450mm

450mm / 1100mm / 1100mm / 1100mm

Installation: Make groove to the edge of the door leaf, and insert to handle to the groove.

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Model DH1201 minimalist Wardrobe Door handle – Thumb Shape, Groove type

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Model DH1201 minimalist Wardrobe Door handle – F Shape, Groove type

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Q: what is the package for the door straighteners

A: Package: individual plastic bag or protection foil, then in bundle packed in a carton.

Q: How to choose a door straightener for your cabinet /wardrobe door?

A: 1) Most of the cabinet /wardrobe door panels are in 20mm thickness, and suitable with most of the door straighteners in the market, but if you have a door panel in only 16mm thickness, you need to choose a smaller size door straightener like Innomax model DS1203.

2) Choose the door straightener with the length longer than the door panel you intend to installed with. Door straightener need be cut to the same length as the cabinet /wardrobe door panel.

3) Door straighteners need to be strong enough in order to adjust and prevent the panel door from warpage, so it is important to choose a strong door straightener.

Q: What is the advantage of the door straightener with handle?

A: Door straightener with handle also called wardrobe handle with straightener, it is actually not only a full length wardrobe handle, but also a door straightener to the door panel. Full length handle in metal color is a good match to most of the door panel, especially for those big size wardrobe like the floor to ceiling wardrobe door panel. Popular color for this type of door straightener are brushed black, brushed gold, brushed brass and brushed rosy gold.

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