Why are the processing costs different for the same type of industrial aluminum profiles?

Normally the production cost for the same type of industrial aluminum profiles in the same area should roughly the same from one extruder to another, but from tiem to time, you might receive the quotation for the same type of industrial aluminum profiles quite different from the others, you might ask how this difference comes from? here are some reasons.

1.The quality of aluminum profiles are different: some manufacturers with very low processing cost usually do not pay much attention to product quality. No matter the dimensional accuracy, the visual appearance or the shape of aluminum profiles, the poor quality profile cannot comply with the basic requirements for use, which leads to price differences.

2.The raw materials are different: in order to reduce the cost of aluminum materials, some aluminum extruders use recycled aluminum ingot that made from scrap aluminum or mixed with large amount of scrap aluminum, while normal aluminum extruders only make the aluminum profiles from the virgin aluminum ingots and their internal offcuts. this will be reflected in the processing cost difference.

3.Different processing technology: The processing technology of most of the aluminum extrusion plant looks similar, but there are many detailed differences in every step of extrusion and surface treatment, starting from the chemical composition, homogeneity, extrusion mold design and manufacturing, the whole process of extrusion and surface treatment like anodizing, powder coating are different, and the cost might vary greatly.

4.Packaging costs: Aluminum profiles need to be properly packed to avoid potential damage during the shipping. Different package will have different costs in terms of labor cost and package material cost. Aluminum profiles will be packed with protection foil, plastic bag, shrink wrap or kraft papers, and then they will be stacked and packed in bundles or cradles for shipping.

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Post time: Sep-09-2022