Light + Building 2024: a symbiosis of lighting and connected building-services technology

The Light + Building 2024 opened its doors from 3 to 8 March 2024. Thanks to this unrivalled combination, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and
building-services technology is the foremost international meeting place for experts,
manufacturers, planners, architects and investors, all of whom take advantage of this innovation show to discover future-oriented solutions. Additionally, the focus is on the exchange of knowledge, making new business and gaining inspiration. “Light + Building is the ideal platform to find the latest developments and enter into a dialogue with experts from the international sector. Nowhere else is this direct combination of lighting expertise and forward-looking home and building-services technology to be found”, says Light + Building Director Johannes Möller.

stair LED light

As the leading platform for the sector, Light + Building spotlights the subjects that have a decisive impact on the exhibiting companies. “The way in which people live, work and 
interact in towns and in buildings is changing continuously. Therefore, tomorrow’s building-services technology must be able to adapt to the changing and varying demands 
placed on it. We need interfaces for new sources of energy, the systems must be interoperable and efficient operation should be a matter of course in terms of emissions 
and economic efficiency”, explains Johannes Möller. Electrification represents the foundation stone for greater sustainability and a building sector capable of meeting future 
demands. Accordingly, the motto of the world’s leading trade fair in 2024 is ‘Be Electrified’. Based on this motto, three top themes – ‘Sustainability’, ‘Connectivity’ and ‘Work + Living’ 
– specify the factors set to be essential for living, working and mobility in tomorrow’s world. Throughout Light + Building, they constitute the common thread for lectures, guided 
tours and special shows.

Lighting meets building-services technology

At Light + Building, exhibitors in the eastern section of Frankfurt Fair and Exhibition Centre present all facets of modern lighting. The broad spectrum of applications ranges from technical luminaires for office buildings, educational institutions, industry and commerce,via street and urban lighting, shop and emergency lighting, to decorative and designoriented luminaires, as well as components and accessories for lighting technology.

Innovative building-services technology for a sustainable future is shown by exhibitors in the western section of the exhibition center. There, the manufacturers’ portfolios include not only components for the electrification and digitalization of the infrastructure but also technology for the automation of home and building-services technology. This forms the basis for the integration of alternative sources of energy and ensures an efficient use of resources. 

Networked safety and security is an integral part of smart homes and smart buildings, and this is why Light + Building is concentrating this range of products and services in the
Intersec Building segment, which includes everything from video technology and access control to data and fire protection.

Live and digital for an even better experience The digital platform of Light + Building supplements the live experience in Frankfurt with
additional possibilities. For example, a digital matchmaking system means participants can reach out to the right contacts and business partners both before the doors open and
during the fair. Moreover, many of the lectures and panel discussions on the extensive program of events will also be available online after the event.

Post time: Mar-13-2024