Mini VF type surface mounted door straightener

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Model DS1203 is a mini VF type surface mounted straighteners specially for thin cabinet door at 15mm to 20mm. The straightener need to be inserted into a groove in the back of the door and installed before the door is warped.

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Product Description

Material: Anodized aluminum

Color: Black, Gold Brass or customized colors

Thickness of the door: 15mm- 20mm

Length: 1.5m / 1.8m / 2.1m / 2.5m / 2.8m

Accessories: Come with installation tools - Milling bits for groove, and hex wrench 

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Regular groove  Recessed groove

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Depth of groove 




Q: What is the advantage of the door straightener with handle?

A: Door straightener with handle also called wardrobe handle with straightener, it is actually not only a full length wardrobe handle, but also a door straightener to the door panel. Full length handle in metal color is a good match to most of the door panel, especially for those big size wardrobe like the floor to ceiling wardrobe door panel. Popular color for this type of door straightener are brushed black, brushed gold, brushed brass and brushed rosy gold.

Q. Do I need a straightener for the cabinet / wardrobe door?

1) If your cabinet / wardrobe door is made of MDF or HDF, it is better to use a door straightener to prevent the door from warpage.

2) If your cabinet / wardrobe door is made of plywood with size over 1.6m, it is recommended to use a door straightener to prevent the door from warpage.

3) If you use particle board as cabinet / wardrobe door, you will need a door straightener for the door size over 1.8m.

4) there is no need to use door straightener for cabinet / wardrobe door made of solid wood.

Q. What is the VF type door straighteners?

VF type door straightener is a kind of concealed aluminum door straightener, which is installed in the back side of the cabinet / wardrobe door. The VF type door straightener will be flush with the door panel, and the metal color of the door straightener will be a decorative trim for the door panel.

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