Interior Decorative T -Shape Trims

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T-shape decorative trims are widely used in most of the interior decoration to cover the gaps between the wall panels, and hide any imperfection due to the cutting or laying of different material such as ceramic tile, wood, laminated floors as well. Besides that, T-shape decorative trims can also create a beautiful ornamental effects to the wall, and ceiling.

Innomax T-shape decorative trims was designed with cross section which is ideal to offset any slopes caused by the coupling of different kind of floors and also create a perfect anchor with sealants and adhesives.

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Corner profiles, also known as corner profiles, are essential accessories for interior design projects. These profiles can be used to cover wall corners or the edges of ceilings, providing a neat and professional finish. Decorative corner profiles manufactured by Innomax are aluminum profiles specially designed to protect the outer corners and edges of wall coverings.

Innomax offers corner profiles as both equiangular and unequal profiles with square or rounded edges. Profiles are available in various sizes including length options of 2m, 2.7m, 3m or custom lengths, width options of 10X10mm / 15X15mm / 20X20mm / 25X25mm / 30X30mm / 35X35mm / 40X40mm / 50X50mm or custom width options, and thickness options of 0.6 mm – 1.5 mm. Corner profiles are also available in a range of finishes including matt anodized, polished, brushed, shot peened, powder coated and woodgrain, with color options including silver, black, bronze, brass, light bronze, champagne, gold and custom of powder coating colors.

These decorative corner profiles are quick and easy to install, and the self-adhesive option makes them ideal for DIY enthusiasts. They can be easily applied to the edges of tiles, walls and ceilings after laying or installing different materials. Extremely durable and hard wearing, these profiles provide a long-lasting solution for protecting and covering surface edges.

Innomax offer T-shape decorative trim in nine opulent metal finishes for use in prestigious applications where luxury floor, Wall and ceiling finishes are installed, from hotels to top-end residential developments.

Length: 2m, 2.7m, 3m or customized length

Width: 6mm / 8mm / 10mm / 12mm / 15mm / 20mm/ 30mm or customized width

Thickness: 0.6mm – 2mm

Surface: matt anodized /polishing/ brushing/ shotblasting / powder coating / wood grain

Color: silver, black, bronze, brass, light bronze, champagne, gold, and costomized powder coating color

Application: Floor, Wall, Ceilling

Interior Decorative T -Shape Trims

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