Aluminum minimalist wardrobe door edge handles

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Model DH1401 is a minimalist edge wardrobe door handles, which is installed to the open edge of the door leaf and it is perfect for the wardrobe at any size, especially for the tall wardrobes from the floor to the ceiling.

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Model DH1401 has three different size for wardrobe door thickness at 19mm, 20mm and 21mm, It is commonly supplied in 3m and to be cut to fit to the size of wardrobe door leaf. the both cutting ends to be covered by the end caps in the same color of the handles.

Material: High quality anodized aluminum handle and Zinc casting end caps

Color: Black, Gold, Grey, Brass or customized color.

Applicable Door Thickness: 19mm, 20mm and 21mm


Accessories: Zinc casting end caps and screws in the same color as the handle

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Q. Do I need a door straightener for the wardrobe door made of solid wood?

A:Door straighteners are widely used in large size of wardrobe door panel made of MDF or strand board. But it is unnecessary for a solid wood door panel, because the solid wood door panel normally has a structural frame and has gaps for expending and shrinkage during season changing, and solid wood door panel normally are spliced, the door straightener can not strong enough to hold the door if there is any deformation. And at last, the door straightener is more suitable for wardrobe in contemporary style and do not match the decorative style of solid wood wardrobe.

Q: Does the door straightener need pre-assembly before installing to the door panel?

A: No, the door straighteners are all pre-assembled in the shop, what you need to do before installation is to cut the groove to the door panel, and slide the door straightener into the door and adjust the warping of the door panel.

Q: What is your MOQ?

A: There is no MOQ for the stock items.

Q: What about the lead time?

A: For the stock items, we can arrange the next day shipping, but for the customized items, the lead time will be about 12 days. If a new mould is needed, the moulding lead time will be 7 to 10 days depended on the shape of the profiles.

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